Cowconuts Instructors

Mason Fang (Lead Instructor)

Instruction Video

Mason Fang is a junior at Dougherty Valley High School and has been doing competitive mathematics since sixth grade. He is a 5-time AIME qualifier and perfected the 2020 AOIME. Mason is also a 4-time USA(J)MO qualifier and attended MOP in 2021. He has also participated in many college-run competitions including the 2019 BMT where he placed 2nd in Geometry and the 2020 SMT where he placed 2nd in Algebra. Outside of math, he is a 3-time USAPhO qualifier and took the USAPhO+ in 2021, which was a one-time test given to 30 of the top 50 scorers on the USAPhO for IPhO team selection.

Mason has five years of teaching experience in competitive mathematics and has taught students with skill levels ranging from MOEMS to advanced AIME, and many of his students have achieved success in their target competitions. In his classes, he aims to create a fun learning environment to encourage students to continue studying mathematics.

Jennifer Zhang (Senior Instructor)

Instruction Video

Jennifer is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. She has qualified for AIME for five years and has been invited to attend Math Prize for Girls at MIT for four years. 

In addition to her extensive competition experience, Jennifer has dedicated much of her high school years sharing her love for math with other students. She is the president of her school’s Math Club as well as the head coach of the Windemere Ranch Middle School MathCounts team; under her training, the team won 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place at the Diablo Chapter in 2018, 2019, and 2020, respectively, for the first time in Windemere’s history. Besides being a paid math tutor, she has worked as a TA at several Alphastar Summer and Winter Camps and has taught at many Cowconuts AMC 8/10/12 camps and courses since 2017. 

Through Cowconuts, Jennifer wishes to create a welcoming community for all math lovers. In particular, she hopes to encourage more girls to explore and thrive in STEM.

Eric Zhang (Senior Instructor)

Instruction Video

Eric  is a sophomore attending Mission San Jose High School. Ever since Eric was a child, he had a passion for problem solving. This passion turned into a love for competition math. He is a AIME qualifier, as well as an avid participant in other competitions such as ARML, CHMMC, and etc. For the past two years, Eric has also been sharing all of the knowledge that he has gathered, teaching competition math AMC 10 and Mathcounts to middle schoolers and high schoolers. Eric will strive to accumulate more knowledge and share it with the community.

Derek Guo (Senior Instructor)

Instruction Video

Derek is a senior attending Dougherty Valley High School. Ever since he was very young, Derek has enjoyed the art of problem solving from deciphering puzzles to studying for competitions. As a member of Cowconuts, Derek continues to share his knowledge with students and the community through engaging classes and intriguing insights.

From his accolades, Derek is a three-time AIME qualifier and a two-time distinguished honor roll qualifier for both the AMC 10 and 12, and he has also participated in other math competitions, like BMT and SUMaC, with the Cowconuts team and as an individual competitor. Individually, Derek placed 2nd in the MathLeague State competition in the 10th grade division, and 6th overall.

Derek has two years of experience as a tutor and over a year of practice as a paid teacher and TA for Cowconuts and Shengmeng math classes. Outside of Cowconuts, Derek trains the Math Olympiad team at Windemere Ranch Middle School, which includes 4 perfect scorers and an overall team performance of top 2% nationwide.

John Wang (Senior Instructor)

Instruction Video (USACO)

John is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School, and has been learning math and participating in many competitions for over 6 years. Since he was a child, he has always loved doing math and problem solving, and hopes to share his passion with many others. In addition to qualifying for the State MATHCOUNTS competition, he is also a 4-time AIME qualifier, and placed 6th in a regional Mathleague competition. John has a solid teaching experience from teaching Math Olympiad and coaching the GRMS math team for 3 years. Two years ago, the team won 2nd Place in the regional competition and qualified for the State contest. In addition to his competition experience, he has taught multiple classes with the Cowconuts such as the AMC 10/12 winter and spring classes, as well as the AMC8 spring class. In the future, he plans to teach even more classes for Cowconuts students. As a Cowconuts member, he hopes to help more and more students succeed, and more importantly, learn to love math.

Raymond Feng (Instructor)

Raymond Feng is currently a sophomore at Homestead High School. He qualified for USAJMO in 2018 and 2019 and achieved a perfect score on the AMC 10 in 2019. He is also the first place individual at HMMT November 2018, and a perfect scorer on the USAMTS in 2017.

Aside from math, Raymond also enjoys coding, both competitions and recreational. He is a USACO Gold competitor and has also created some apps in his free time.

Raymond has extensive classroom experience as a TA for AlphaStar and looks forward to working with students.

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