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In pre-algebra and algebra, we will be exploring how to evaluate different expressions, how to turn word problems into mathematical equations, and how to solve those equations. An example algebra problem: The product of 12, 10, and 5 is equal to 30 times some other number. What is this number?


This topic covers probability, which involves calculating the chances of an event happening, as well as counting, which involves tracking the amount of objects that satisfy a rule. Here’s a typical counting problem: Can you count how many numbers less than 100 have 5 as a digit?


Geometry deals with into questions about shape, size, and the properties of space such as area, perimeter, and angles. Have a go at this problem: The sides of a triangle have lengths 10, 24, and 26. What is the area of the triangle?

Number Theory

In number theory, we will study integers and integer-valued functions, examining properties such as factors and multiples. Students will learn how to confidently approach problems like this: What is the smallest prime number that is four more than a multiple of 5?

Customized Learning

Small Class Sizes

One of the program’s best attributes is our optimized student-teacher ratio (3-5 : 1). This creates an intimate learning environment that allows for personalized attention from the tutor, who will have the freedom to adjust their courses to their students needs. At the same time, this group size also maintains the team atmosphere, which is an integral part of much of competition math.

Professional Consultants

CITRUS instructors have access to a network of fellow competition math peers as well as professional teachers who can provide feedback on our curriculum. This creates a system of constant improvement and fine-tuning of our curriculum

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