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CITRUS Leadership

Eric Zhang


Eric Zhang is a senior at Mission San Jose High School and has been in love with competition math for the majority of his life. Eric is a 3-time AIME qualifier and a 2-time USA(J)MO qualifier (Top 250 in US), with awards in various other local competitions. Eric is also an experienced teacher, having taught AMC 8, AMC 10, Abacus, and Chemistry for the past 4 years to hundreds of students. He hopes to give back to the community by spreading his love of STEM and competition mathematics to students everywhere.

Alex Yang

Senior Program Manager

Alex Yang is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He is passionate about affecting societal change through transforming youth culture. He helped create CITRUS to improve diversity within STEM. He believes the key to accomplishing this goal is making academic excellence into a key value for kids and teens. Previously, Alex worked as a volunteer teaching Physics to middle schoolers. He is excited to begin the CITRUS project and looks forward to working with and supporting the students.

CITRUS Instructors

Mason Fang

Mason Fang is a rising junior at Dougherty Valley High School and has been doing competitive mathematics since sixth grade. He is a 4-time AIME qualifier and a 3-time USA(J)MO qualifier and has earned numerous awards in local tournaments. He joined CITRUS to share his love for mathematics with others. Mason promotes innovative teaching strategies, incorporating games and activities to nurture in students the same love for math.

Andrew Wen

Andrew is a sophomore at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and has been an avid participant in math competitions since 6th grade. He is a 4-time AIME qualifier and a 2-time USA(J)MO qualifier. In addition to American competitions, he also competes in Canadian and International Olympiads such as the CMO and APMO. He is a member of the 2020 Canada International Math Olympiad team selection group (ranked top 8 in Canada). Andrew has a passion for writing math problems and sharing his intriguing ideas with the community.

Claire Chen

Claire Chen is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She has been involved in competition math since elementary school and is a 2-time AIME qualifier and a 2-time invitee to MIT’s Math Prize for Girls competition. Claire is the Vice President of her school’s Math Club and has extensive experience tutoring other students. She joined CITRUS to provide more opportunities for students seeking to develop a passion for math. Beyond academics, Claire is also an international-level badminton player, having represented the US in tournaments in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

John Wang

John is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in applied mathematics. He is a 5-time AIME qualifier with 2 appearances on the Distinguished Honor Roll, earned by scoring amongst the top 1% of AMC 10 participants nationwide. John has also won a variety of local math competition awards. Besides mathematics, John also enjoys playing badminton.

Richard Chen

Richard Chen is a junior at Mission San Jose High School and has an extensive history with competitive math. He is a 4-time AIME qualifier and a 2-time USA(J)MO qualifier, and he has earned awards in other many onsite math competitions as well. In his spare time, Richard enjoys listening to music and playing frisbee. He looks forward to working as a CITRUS instructor and helping its students achieve their mathematical goals.

Tiger Che

Tiger is a senior at Lynbrook High School. He developed an interest for mathematics in 6th grade when he first tried the AMC 8. Ever since, his love for math has blossomed. Tiger is a USA(J)MO qualifier, and a participant in the prestigious Asia Pacific Math Olympiad, where he scored top 10 in Canada. Prior to CITRUS, Tiger has taught math at a variety of different settings, and values teamwork, creativity, and fun.

Edward Lee

Edward Lee is a senior at Campolindo High School who has been involved in math competition since 4th grade, when he participated in Math League. He is a 3-time AIME qualifier and has won awards in various local math competitions. Edward is also an experienced math teacher who loves helping others improve their academic skill. He joined CITRUS to extend his help to under resourced students. Besides mathematics, Edward loves to code and is working on his first startup.

Allen Ma

Allen Ma is a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. He has been actively pursuing competitive mathematics for most of his life. Allen is a 3-time AIME qualifier and has participated in numerous competitions such as ARML and BMT. He is also an experienced volunteer, having done everything from tutoring at his school to running labs and organizing competitions. In his free time, Allen enjoys swimming and tennis.

Jessica Phongsa

Jessica Phongsa is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School. She began displaying an interest in competition math in elementary school, participating in various olympiads and other contests. In High School, she qualified for the AIME. Jessica has a wide range of teaching and leadership experience. She joined CITRUS to share with students the valuable lessons she learned as well as the important skills she picked throughout her years doing math.

Sriram Ananthakrishnan

Sriram is a sophomore at Davis Senior High School. He has been doing competition math since 7th grade, starting off with contests such as Mathcounts and the AMC series. He is a 2-time AIME qualifier, and has also participated in competitions such as PUMaC and ARML. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and frisbee. He joined CITRUS because he enjoys teaching students and introducing them to new, interesting concepts.

William Guo

William Guo is a junior at Lincoln High School. His passion for competitive mathematics arose in 6th grade and is now a 2-time AIME qualifier. He currently runs his school’s math club and has plenty of experience teaching middle school and elementary students for other activities. He joined CITRUS in hopes of inspiring younger students to reach their full potential in mathematics. Apart from math, William also enjoys debate and science bowl.

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Hongbo Wei

Hongbo is a junior at Leland High School. He is a 2-time AIME qualifier and appeared on the AMC 10 Distinguished Honor Roll. In his spare time, Hongbo enjoys programming and playing video games. He looks forward to joining CITRUS to inspire younger students and provide them with the resources to improve their skills in STEM.

Catherine Li

Catherine is a freshman at the Harker Upper School. She is a 3-time AIME qualifier, a USAJMO qualifier, and received the Honorable Mention award at MIT’s prestigious Math Prize for Girls (tied for 16th place). Catherine has also competed in numerous high school math competitions such as ARML, CHMMC, and BMT. When she is not doing math, she plays piano and violin, and enjoys coding, reading, and drawing. Catherine looks forward to working at CITRUS and helping students achieve their academic goals in STEM.

Joshua Yang

Joshua Yang is a freshman at The Quarry Lane School. He has been involved in competition math since 5th grade. Joshua is a 2-time AIME qualifier and competes in local contests like Math League. In his free time, he also enjoys playing basketball outdoors listening to music. Joshua looks forward to working with students at CITRUS. He strives to be an encouraging and supportive teacher, lending a helping hand to students whenever possible.

Emma Li

Emma is a freshman at Mission San Jose High School. She achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8 and reached the national level in MathLeague competitions. Additionally, she placed 3rd individual and 1st in the team category in her Mathcounts Chapter. Besides competition math, Emma also enjoys participating in science and engineering fairs. Emma looks forward to inspiring younger students, especially girls, to pursue interests in STEM.

Brian Li

Brian is a freshman at Mission San Jose High School. He is an AIME qualifier and is ranked 2nd individually and 1st in the team category in his Mathcounts chapter. Brian has also participated in a host of local team competitions. Besides math and science, Brian enjoys playing the piano and the saxophone, and running. He has experience teaching and looks forward to sharing his knowledge at CITRUS, collaborating and helping younger students strive for their goals.

Kevin Jiang

Kevin is a freshman attending Mission San Jose High School. His love for mathematics started when he was a little kid. Since then, he has attended numerous math competitions, and is a two-time MathCounts State qualifier, a three-time Distinguished Honor Roll recipient on the AMC 8, and a qualifier for AIME. Beyond competitions, Kevin has experience teaching math to students of all levels. He wishes to change math from a feared subject into a beloved subject.

Andrew Chang

Andrew is a sophomore at Evergreen Valley High School in East San Jose. He has been doing competition math since elementary school. Andrew is a 4-time AIME qualifier, placed 1st individually in his Mathcounts chapter. He has experience teaching math at his school’s math club and served as a coach for the local middle school Mathcounts team. Besides math, Andrew enjoys learning about physics and computer science. He looks forward to giving CITRUS students a chance to explore STEM.

Aaron Chen

Aaron Chen is a freshman at Mission San Jose High School. He got his start in competition math when he begin participating in the AMC 8 and MathLeague in 6th grade. Aaron is an AIME qualifier, appearing on the Distinguished Honor Roll and has also won various awards in other local contests. He joined CITRUS so that he could give students with all kinds of backgrounds an opportunity to flourish in math.

Ryan Dong

Ryan is a freshman at Mission San Jose High School with a passion for math and science. He was an AIME qualifier and a member of his middle school Mathcounts team. Ryan loves teaching math for elementary students. Previously, he has done both 1-on-1 tutoring and taught small-group classes for local non-profits. Besides math, Ryan also competes in the National Science Bowl.


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