Our Team

Mason Fang (President)

Mason Fang is a senior at Dougherty Valley High School and has been doing competitive mathematics since sixth grade. He is a 5-time AIME qualifier and perfected the 2020 AOIME. Mason is also a 4-time USA(J)MO qualifier and attended MOP in 2021. He has also participated in many college-run competitions including the 2019 BMT where he placed 2nd in Geometry and the 2020 SMT where he placed 2nd in Algebra. Outside of math, he is a 3-time USAPhO qualifier and an alternate for the 2021 USA IPhO team. Mason has five years of teaching experience in competitive mathematics and has taught students with skill levels ranging from MOEMS to advanced AIME, and many of his students have achieved success in their target competitions. In addition, he has taught physics classes to help students prepare for the F=ma exam. In his classes, he aims to create a fun learning environment to encourage students to continue studying math and physics.

Andrew Wen (Co-President)

Andrew is a rising Junior at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and has been an avid participant in math competitions since 6th grade. He is a 5-time AIME qualifier, a 3-time USAMO/USA(J)MO qualifier, and a MOP qualifier in 2021. Andrew also competed in some college-held math tournaments where he placed 1st on the BMT Algebra round in 2020. In addition to American competitions, Andrew competes in Canadian and International Olympiads such as the CMO and APMO as well. He is a member of the 2020 and 2021 Canada International Math Olympiad team selection group. For being ranked top 8 in Canada IMO TST in 2020, Andrew was invited to attend the most prestigious math camp in Canada – IMO training winter camp 2021.

Andrew really enjoys writing math problems in his free time. He has donated plenty of problems to his school’s math competition and other math competitions/mocks on AoPS that he ran with his friends. He is looking forward to sharing his passion and intriguing ideas with the community.

David Zhang (Vice President)

David Zhang is a rising freshman at Dougherty Valley High School. He is a 2-time AIME qualifier and qualified for the USAJMO in 2020. He achieved perfect scores on the AMC8 in 2019 & 2020. He placed 1st in California’s MATHCOUNTS State Competition in 2021, and advanced to the National MATHCOUNTS Competition. He was the 1st place individual on the 2021 BmMT. Outside of math, he is a USACO Platinum Division contestant. He taught several AMC8/10 classes with Cowconuts founders.

Brian Li (Vice President)

Brian Li is a rising sophomore at Mission San Jose High School and is an avid competitor in various STEM fields. He qualified for AIME multiple times while earning a perfect score on the AMC10 and Distinguished Honor Roll on AMC12. Brian also qualified for the 2021 USAMO. He participates in quite a few college-run competitions, such as BMT where he tied for 7th in algebra. Brian’s teams have ranked in various competitions, like placing 5th place for both middle and high school national mathleagues, 2nd for the 2021 FARML, and 7th in 2021 ARML local. Besides math, Brian enjoys science fairs and computer science. He is a 2-time Broadcom MASTERS and a Broadcom semifinalist. Moreover, Brian is currently in the USACO gold division.

Brian has over two years of teaching experience from AMC8 to advanced AMC10 and problem-writing experiences, being the co-lead of the 2nd Annual MPTF Competition and a problem writing committee of the Cowconuts Competition. He wants to allow others to feel passionate about math and help both his students and himself grow in the process.

Emma Li (Web Master)

Emma is a rising sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. She is a self-driven STEM girl who is particularly passionate about competition math. Emma is an AIME qualifier, and she achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8. She placed 3rd individual and 1st in the team category in her Mathcounts Chapter and reached the national level in MathLeague competitions. Additionally, Emma has competed in quite a few girls math competitions, placing in the Top Ten Individual for Girls in Math at Yale 2021. Besides participating in math contests, Emma also has experience as a teacher of AMC8 and AMC10 classes, and as a problem writer for local math competitions. Outside of competition math, Emma enjoys coding and participating in science and engineering fairs. She is a USACO Gold Division contestant, as well as a two-time Broadcom MASTER and a Broadcom semifinalist. She looks forward to passing down her knowledge and experience to younger students, especially girls, and inspiring them to pursue interests in STEM.

Kevin Jiang (Treasurer)

Kevin is a rising sophomore attending Mission San Jose High School. He has attended numerous math competitions since he was in elementary school, qualifying for MathCounts State twice, getting Distinguished Honor Roll on the AMC 8 three times, and qualifying for AIME in 2020 and 2021. Along with his competition experience, Kevin also enjoys giving back his knowledge to the community by teaching classes. He has been teaching middle schoolers basic AMC 8 and 10 materials and AoPS geometry since 2019 and leading weekly reading clubs and numerous math circles, allowing him to earn the gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award medal. Additionally, he has also co-led the 2nd Annual MPTF Math Competition, as well as part of the problem writing committee for the Cowconuts competition. He wishes to spread interest for math throughout the community, making math not a subject people fear but a subject people love.

Hunter Bian (Secretary)

Hunter is an Eighth Grader in Windemere Ranch Middle School. He started doing competitive math in 6th grade, like Math Olympiad and Mathcounts; some of his achievements are getting to the state level in Mathleague, 24 on the AMC 8 in 2019; chapter level on Mathcounts, and some other unofficial competitions.

He has also tutored some younger students in math and hopes he will be able to teach better through Cowconuts. Other than doing math, he likes to swim on weekdays at PLS.

Abrianna Zhang (Tutor)

As of 2021, Abrianna Zhang is a freshman at Foothill High School. She’s an avid learner with a passion for math and teaching. She has represented her middle school multiple times as a member of the Mathcounts team and is currently a Mathcounts coach. She has participated in numerous competitions, among which she won third prize for the 2021 Girls in Math at Yale’s competition. Being an AIME qualifier, she has ample knowledge and experience for taking AMC competitions. With this opportunity, she aims to create an enjoyable and enriching environment for budding mathematicians. 

Isabelle Jiang (Tutor)

Isabelle is a freshman at Davidson Academy. She qualified for AIME in 2021 and will attend MPFG later this year. Isabelle loves problem solving since she was very young and started to participate in math competitions from 5th grade. She also went to math summer camps such as Awesome Math and Alphastar in middle school. Isabelle got perfect score in AMC8 in 2019. She was a member of her school’s MathCounts team and qualified for State MC in 2019. Isabelle and her team got overall 2nd place in BmMT in 2018. Isabelle started to tutor other kids when she was in middle school. She also teaches 4th and 5th grader math and enjoys sharing her love of math with younger kids.