Cowconuts Third Annual Shengmeng Math Competition 2020 Results

Thank you to everyone for attending our competition on Labor Day weekend 2020! A total of 270 students competed online via Zoom, with 186 students in the Junior Division and 84 students in the Senior Division. Though our annual competition was held online this year, it was a great success and we appreciate everyone who helped make the competition possible!

Here are the Results Ceremony slides we presented:

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Junior Division Individual Round Top 10

  1. Aiden Wen (Stupid Smart People)
  2. Evan Fan (Magnificent)
  3. Andrew Yu (Ideamath Plano 1)
  4. Albert Lu (Magnificent)
  5. Christopher Bao (Mighty Six Flags)
  6. Andrew Xing (Mighty Six Flags)
  7. Andrew Li (Ideamath Plano 1)
  8. Kai Lum (A Piece of Pi)
  9. Selena Ge (Sweet Mailbox)
  10. Daniel Nie (6Patriots)

Senior Division Individual Round Top 10

  1. Aaron Chen (The Mathnificent)
  2. David Wei (6 people)
  3. Benjamin Chen (Flying Panda)
  4. David Lee (The Mathnificent)
  5. Gore Fee (LM4E)
  6. Catherine Li (The Mathnificent)
  7. David Zhang (LM4E)
  8. Alex Chen (4EverFriends)
  9. Kyle Lei (Miller Mustangs)
  10. Vincent Lo (4EverFriends)

Guts Round Junior Division Top 10 Teams

  1. Mighty Six Flags: Alex Li, Andrew Xing, Chloe Liu, Chris Bao, Jessie Wang, Victor Peng
  2. A Piece of Pi: Jeffrey Li, Kai Lum, Emily Liu, Ryan Li, Kevin Yan, Gordon Chen
  3. Magnificent: Skyler Xue, Eric Shen, Stephen Zhang, Tony Song, Evan Fan, Albert Lu
  4. Ideamath Plano 1: Ethan Poon, Alan Huang, Andrew Li, Solon Sun, Allen Ting, Andrew Yu
  5. Stupid Smart People: Adriana Cheng, Ethan Geng, Jason Li, Aiden Wen, Justin Yu, Sophia Zhang
  6. 6Patriots: Ryan Fu, Daniel Nie, Jessica Liao, Amy Sun, Jessica Zhang, Rohan Garg
  7. Brute Force: Grace Zuo, Troy Yang, Anna Deng, Wesley Guo, Bryant Wang, Aidan Cao
  8. Team IDK: Sophia Henningsen, Tina Lin, Yiwen Lu, Angela Xu, Kailin Xuan, Qiyun Chen
  9. Sweet Mailbox: Drake Tan, Austin Jin, Daphne Chen, Selena Ge, Reina Liu, Adam Ge
  10. The Math Warriors: Jenny Chu, Katie Ma, Guanjie Lu, Nicholas Huang, Christopher Huang, Paul Sumethasorn

Guts Round Senior Division Top 5 Teams

  1. The Mathnificent: Catherine Li, Aaron Chen, Larry Xing, Michelle Wei, David Lee, Olivia Xu
  2. Flying Panda: Benjamin Chen, Jeffrey Chen, Grant Zhang, Nathan Ma, Jeffrey Huang, Adam Tang
  3. Miller Mustangs: Kevin Liu, Daniel Kim, Kyle Lei, Ryan Zhou, Eddie Wang, Jiahe Lu
  4. 4EverFriends: Brian Bi, Vincent Lo, Alex Chen, Ryan Chin, Alex Du, Joe Li
  5. Mission Falcons: Ryan Dong, Ethan Tang, Leo Jiang, Nicholas Jiang, Brandon Bao, Nathan Zhang

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