Recent Events and Competitions

October 18, 2018

Berkeley Mini-Math Tournament (BmMT) at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA

  • 2nd place team overall
  • 1st place Team Round
  • 3rd place Individual Round (Andrew Wen)
  • 4th place Individual Round (William Chen)

October 28, 2018

Cowconuts Halloween Math Competition (CHMC) at ShengMeng Education in Pleasanton, CA
Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations to the winners!

Top 3 Individual (Junior):

  1. Kevin Jiang
  2. Michelle Li
  3. Ayman Ahmed Khan

Top 3 Individual (Hard):

  1. Andrew Chang
  2. David Zhang
  3. Allen Fu

Top 2 Teams (Junior):

  1. Team F (Kai Lum, Kevin Yang, Hastin Chen, Harold Park)
  2. Team B (Michelle Li, Marissa Li, Ada Ji, Kacie Hu)

Top 2 Teams (Hard):

  1. Team S (Aland Liu, Allen Fu, Andrew Chang, Kyle Peng)
  2. Team H (Anthony Yu, David Zhang, Joshua Yang, Malachi Warneke)

December 2, 2018:

Caltech Harvey-Mudd Math Competition (CHMMC) at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California

  • 5th place team overall
  • 3rd place Individual: William Chen

April 7, 2019:

Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT) at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA

  • 10th place team overall
  • 7th place Individual (Eric Zhang)
  • 2nd place Geometry Round (Mason Fang)
  • 3rd place Geometry Round (Taiga Nishida)
  • 9th place Geometry Round (Eric Zhang, Edward Lee)

May 2, 2019

USMCA National Finals at ShengMeng Center (online test)

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