2nd Annual Cowconuts Math Contest RESULTS!

Thanks to everyone for attending our contest on Labor Day! The event was extremely successful, and went very smoothly. We even managed to finish ahead of schedule!

Here are some links to videos of different parts of our event:

Junior Countdown Round:
Senior Countdown Round:

Awards Ceremony:

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Junior Individual
1. Julia Xiang
2. Kai Lum
3. Jerry Guo
4. Sophia Henningsen
5. Gabriel Liu-Zhou

Senior Individual
1. Dennis Chen
2. Larry Xing
3. Catherine Li
4. David Lee
5. Taiga Nishida

Junior Team
1. piece of pi: Kai Lum, Joshua Huang, Evan Liu, Albert Li
2. Team B: Michelle Liao, Michelle Tang, Karen Huang, Julia Xiang

Senior Team
1. The Mathnificent: Catherine Li, Larry Xing, Jamin Xie, David Lee
2. Miller Mustangs: Patrick Huang, Kyle Lei, Eric Lin, Michael Zhang

Junior Countdown
1. Kai Lum
2. Julia Xiang

Senior Countdown
1. Dennis Chen
2. Larry Xing

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