Supporting our Community: Donating to FCSN

Over the course of the past year, we’ve carefully spend our funding from classes, booster camps, and fundraisers for improvements to our club and major events like our annual math competition.

But not every cent is used, and some excess funding is left over. As a non-profit organization, though, we’re committed to helping our community in every way possible, not only in mathematics.

That is why, on September 8 of 2019, we’ve donated $960 of our additional funds to the Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) center at San José. FCSN is a volunteer-based community center that serves special needs kids and adults with therapeutic activities meant to help them fare better in society.

Our donation was sent through items requested by the center, including toys and furniture. We fulfilled FCSN’s request for a cabinet and tackboard, and both finished products are beautifully displayed below.

While we couldn’t bring the furniture materials to the center, our officers were able to travel physically to the center to send the remaining items to the organizers.

In exchange for our gratitude, FCSN presented us with certificates, caps, and prize bags. In addition, they gave our officers a tour of the new San José center.

The new center was incredibly spacey, with many rooms for classes and activities. We were amazed with what the center offered: students could learn things from music to cooking to computers. In addition, students could practice service communications at the Friends Coffee and Tea shop nearby, an extension of the center. We tried some of the drinks there and had a great time!

We hope to continue supporting FCSN and other such organizations in the future. That way, the whole of our community can reap the benefits of academic progress!

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